• 14:45-15:00 Welcome
    15:00 16:50

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    TABLE 1: Dimensions of the problem
    Chair: Barbora East (Czech Republic)
    1. Incisional hernia incidence after oncologic surgery. Benjamin Poulose (USA)
    2. Incisional hernia after emergency surgery. Alejandro Bravo (Spain)
    3. Risk factors for incisional hernia. How to select suitable patients for mesh prophylaxis? John Fischer (USA)
    4. Incisional hernia in other surgical specialities. Do they need mesh prophylaxis? Filip Muysoms (Belgium)
    5. Incisional hernia after transplantation. Frederik Berrevoet (Belgium)
    16:50-17:15 Coffee Break

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    TABLE 2: Closure of the abdominal wall
    Chairs:  José A. Pereira (Spain) and Nadia Henriksen (Denmark)
    1. Implementation of small bites technique. Have we moved forward? René Fortelny (Austria)
    2. Barbed sutures for abdominal wall closure. Do we have any evidence? Cesare Stabilini (Italy)
    3. Prophylactic meshes. Which and when.
      1. Biosynthetic. William Hope (USA)
      2. Synthetic. Nadia Henriksen (Denmark)
    4.  A computational model of healing to predict the likelihood of developing an incisional hernia. A. Le Ruyet (France)
  •  8:45-09:45 TABLE 3: Parastomal Hernia Prevention
    Chairs: Hank-Thijs Brandsma (Netherlands) and Jan Lambrecht (Norway)
    1. Current situation view. Manuel López-Cano (Spain)
    2. Discussion: Neil Smart (UK), Michel Prudhomme (France), Tero Rautio (Finland)
    09:45- 10:10   Coffee Break
    10:10-12:00 TABLE 4: Prophylaxis in laparotomy and laparoscopy
    Chairs: Pilar Hernández (Spain) and Gabrielle Van Ramshorst (Netherlands)
    1. Elective and emergency midline laparotomy
      1. RTL. Pilar Hernández (Spain)
      2. Hart Trial. Hart Trial. Jared Torkington (UK)
      3. Mesh. José Antonio Pereira (Spain)
    2. Transverse laparotomy. Miguel Ángel García-Ureña (Spain)
    3. Trocar and assistance incisions. Andrew de Beaux (Scotland)
     12:00-12:30 Closure conference: "Prevention, the past and future"
    Hans Jeekel (Netherlands)
     12:30 Closure

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